Control Automation

Seven Seas Petroleum has been actively engaged in Control and Automation projects since inception. We have successfully deployed over 30 Process Automation Systems at various customer locations in Oman, including some of the large installations such as the ones at PDO Harweel and PDO Qarn Alam Steam EOR, which are considered to be the projects of high national importance.

The service-focused Process Automation team offers an array of services designed to help our customers achieve their business objectives, reduce or contain their operating and service costs and keep their systems running at peak performance. It's a partnership with a company that knows your business and help you operate your plant safely, reliably and more efficiently. A well-oiled in-country team of skilled engineers provide 24/7 expert service support and has maintenance contracts with all major customers in Oman to assist in efficiently upkeep of process facilities.

We operate an Emerson Certified Service Facility in Muscat for Process Automation Systems (ICSS). All Priority spares are stocked at this facility for immediate availability. All the engineers are at the current level of certification for Emerson DeltaV and DeltaV SIS, have extensive exposure to the DeltaV environment in Oman. Ongoing training initiatives ensure that the team is always up to date with the system knowledge and latest industry trends. Omanisation within our service teams is our number one priority and we currently employ six Omani engineers in our services team. We are constantly hiring more qualified Omani Engineers to further augment our local service offering.

Local engineering capabilities include mid-size ICSS proposals, engineering, project management, staging and FAT. This, in addition to capabilities in installation assistance, commissioning, sizing and the selection of control valves and flow meters. Measurement application solutions are always engineered in Oman.

SSP has invested into various initiatives into the control automation, instrumentation and information management system's segment. One of the ways this has been achieved was by setting up the sufficient infrastructure to cater to the global markets requirements. We carry out activates ranging from consultation to designing, engineering, developing, implementing and commissioning control automation systems.

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