Seven Seas Petroleum LLC, was established in 2002, to provide Oman's oil producers and related government institutions with cutting-edge technology in oil field instrumentation and mechanical equipment, from some of the world’s top manufacturing brands. In recent years, Seven Seas Petroleum has diversified its services base to include industry segments such as petrochemicals, power, water & waste water, cement, and EPC contractors serving these industry segments.


"Our strength is in our knowledge and resources"

As a local leader in petroleum services, we have a talented management team to develop and manage businesses through our knowledge, experience and global network of relationships. With oilfield equipment and services in high demand, Seven Seas Petroleum is well placed to provide high-quality and cost-effective services to the Oman national and International Oil & Gas companies. Ultimately, we are driven by our strong sense of values. We form close partnerships with the companies we support and invest in and we build strong relationships based on Integrity, Trust and Mutual Respect.

HH Shihab Bin Tariq Al Said, The Chairman

Mission Statement

"To seamlessly integrate high quality products & superior services to provide cost-effective, value-added solutions to industrial market."

Company Profile

Seven Seas Petroleum LLC provides vital services to the Oman oil & gas industry, assisting local and multinational oil companies to enhance, maintain and successfully manage their businesses in Oman.

Seven Seas Petroleum prides itself on its consistent application of the newest available technology and providing an especially high quality of service. This allows the company to support and partner manufacturing and service businesses to thrive in the challenging and ever-changing market. Seven Seas Petroleum continues to provide invaluable insight and expertise which would enable client companies to maximize hydrocarbon recovery, as it focuses on Oil and Gas fields that present increasing technical challenges.

Seven Seas Petroleum has successfully diversified its business by extending its services to different sectors like Power & Energy Petrochemical, Water & Wastewater Engineering & Contacting and other related industries.

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Company Values

At Seven Seas Petroleum LLC, we are committed to providing exceptional quality and service. We conduct our business by the following core values:

  • Professional conduct with honesty and integrity
  • Seek innovative solutions & providing them in a manner that is trustworthy.
  • Honour our commitments to our clients and partners
  • Excellence through a culture of continual improvement
  • Accountability for personal as well as shared actions and results.

In Country Value

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Seven Seas Petroleum LLC is & has always been at the forefront in Omani Human Resource Development and maximising In Country Value (ICV) for its Principals’ products and providing local services in Oman. All of the application engineering for the products sold in Oman is done locally by a team of professionals including some exceptionally talented Omani nationals. All the after-sales services delivered to our customers is via an all-Omani team of certified engineers who have been extensively trained at overseas factory locations. At Seven Seas Petroleum, we have added true value to our Principals’ products and have indigenised various offerings.

Seven Seas Petroleum Group

Our company has flourished over the last decade, and the importance of investing and developing in various industries has been one of our main agendas. Despite this, we have not compromised our quality in services nor have we lost focus on our aims and goals. We continuously strive to expand and excel in the oil and gas industry. We have managed to maintain our original values, our managerial structure and our high standards throughout our group companies; thus continuing our Seven Seas legacy and brand image in Oman and the GCC.

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Valve Automation Centre

Seven Seas Petroleum LLC's Valve Automation Centre (VAC), situated in Barka (Sultanate of Oman), is geared up to address our customer's most demanding valve automation needs with cost-effective and reliable solutions. We engineer, integrate, repair, refurbish, test and supply an executive line of Value Automation products including Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric actuators, HPUs and a complete line of Valve products.

Why Seven Seas VAC...?

  • Single point Responsibility for the engineered solutions supplied
  • Brings together valves & actuators from the world's leading manufacturers like Emerson Valve Automation, Fisher, Calobri, Della Foglia, Orsenigo, ATV, EIM etc.
  • State-of-the-art, fully computerized Ventil test bench, sophisticated machinery & precision tools for integrated & testing of Control Valves, ESD Valves, Relief Valves, Gas Sampling Test Cylinder
  • Highly skilled, experienced & dedicated team backed-by field-proven application & engineering support
  • Certified to ISO 9001 Quality Standards
  • Qualified Inspected & Quality Assurance & Control throughout
  • Spacious Storage facility
  • Conveniently located
  • Fisher Authorized Service Provider
  • PDO Approved Valve Automation Centre in Sultanate of Oman

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Flow Solutions

Seas Petroleum LLC combines Emerson's customized engineering capabilities, reliable products, best-in-class consulting and project management with industry expertise and

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Seven Seas Petroleum has been actively engaged in Control and Automation projects since inception. We have successfully deployed over 30 Process Automation Systems at various customer locations in Oman

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We believe that an organizations largest asset is its employees. We pride ourselves on these values, and we have grown exponentially over the years. We have strategized and have broken our teams into various divisions that can cater to the industry needs before and after we have fulfilled a client’s requirement.


After Sales

Seven Seas Petroleum, despite our successes, has never lost sight of what truly matters to us: making sure we provide the best possible service to our clientele and partners. Here at Seven Seas Petroleum we value the relationships we build with our partners and as a result have constantly been improving our after sales team. The company prides itself on its values of integrity and trust in building strong foundations and maintaining everlasting relations with our partners. We ensure that anyone who works with us will have walked away extremely satisfied with our varied services, our invaluable expertise and our unmatched customer care.


Completed Projects

  • PDO Yibal A Single Station
  • PDO Fahud E Station
  • PDO Musallim Station
  • PDO Qarn Alam Steam EOR

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Under Execution

  • Process Automation System for Rabab Harweel integration project – PDO ,2015



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We strive to achieve awards as a medium of measuring and recognizing our talents and efforts that we have put through our principles, towards our customers , and most importantly towards bringing innovative solutions to our country and the GCC.


Have a look at some of the global renowned certifications that we have earned for our various facilities. The certification’s processes are put into place to insure quality management control and high ethical standards that we adhere by at Seven Seas Petroleum.


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Career Development

We have seen tremendous growth of the company over the years, and we have seen many employees grow with Seven Seas Petroleum. We believe that our strongest asset is out employees and teams. A vital way of keeping them convalesce and continuously motivated is through career development schemes and various motivational short term programs that we undergoes through our exemplary Human Resource team

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Keep in tune with the latest news about SSP and other topics that may impact our company for the better or worse.

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