Systems Services

The SSP Systems service division includes experienced engineering resources to undertake the full spectrum of automation project execution services, functions project management, system design, engineering, procurement, configuration, assembly, testing, integration with third party systems, installation, commissioning assistance, on-site training and maintenance programs, after sales support services and spare parts stocking. Local support is the key factor for selecting a supplier, vendor, for which sets us apart from the competition. We are closely associated with the customer long after the process has started up.

Team is supporting customers all over Oman for Emerson's DeltaV Process Control System & DeltaV SIS for following

  • Control System Design & Engineering
  • Control System installation & commissioning
  • Modification & expansion of control system
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Emergency Call Site Support
  • Emergency Help-Desk Support

Our service team makes a difference in Oman due to

  • Familiarity with PDO / OGC Systems, Structures and Site Requirements

Having over 128 man years of experience

  • Long Time Cohesive Working Relationship between PDO / OGC and SSP Personnel - synergy goes a long way.
  • SSP systems service team is Emerson Process Management Certified 'Lifecycle Services DeltaV Service Center'

The team includes specialized Emerson Certified engineers designated as:

  • Delta-V Field Service Associates
  • Hardware/Power and Grounding Associates
  • Delta-V Continuous Configuration and Implementation Associates
  • BUS Technology Associates
  • Information Integration Associates
  • Networking and Operating System Associates
  • AMS Device Manager Associate
  • Dell Online Self Dispatch PowerEdge Certification
  • SIS Hardware Replacement Endorsement
  • SIS Service Associates
  • Guardian - Professionals
  • DeltaV Evergreen Upgrade Associates.

Projects completed by SSP systems team - involving complete Design, Engineering, Installation & commissioning:

  • OGC Barka EPC project - Replacement of ABB control System with Emerson DeltaV control System.
  • PDO Zauliyah WI project
  • OGC Barka-3 & Sohar-2 project
  • PDO Musallim RMS-3, Area-2 project
  • PDO Harweel extension, Maamour-1 project
  • PDO Harweel extension, Zalzala-G project
  • PDO Nimr Water Treatment Plant project.
  • Musallim Module -2 , expansion project

Supported Emerson team for following Control Systems projects:

  • PDO Thuleilat(Y - 1999)
  • YIBAL - A(Y - 2000)

All the later control systems projects (listed below) were pre-commissioned, commissioned and started-up by Seven Seas Systems engineers – we were involved from pre-FAT activities to site handover:

  • PDO Qaharir (With HIMA as IPS/FGS)
  • PDO Barik (With HIMA as IPS/FGS)
  • PDO Marmul (With HIMA as IPS/FGS)
  • PDO Fahud - E and Fahud Steam (With HIMA as IPS/FGS)
  • PDO NIMR and RIMA (With HIMA as IPS/FGS)
  • PDO Musallim , Musallim Full Facilities and RMS (With HIMA as IPS/FGS)
  • PDO Zauliyah (With HIMA as IPS/FGS)
  • PDO Nahada Booster (With HIMA as IPS/FGS)
  • PDO Mabrouk
  • PDO Marmul-A
  • PDO Nimr-C
  • PDO Suwaihat
  • PDO Amin
  • PDO QarnAlam Steam Project
  • PDO QarnAlam GTG-3 & HRSG-4
  • OGC - Sohar PRT
  • OGC - Baraka PRT
  • OGC - Fahud Compressor Station
  • OGC - Buraimi Compressor
  • OGC - Wadi Izz
  • OGC - Rusayl PRT
  • OGC Wadi Jizzi
  • OGC Ghubra
  • Oman Formaldehyde, Sohar

Systems Service Team is also handling DeltaV System version upgrade projects & has upgraded 40 plus DeltaV control Systems Online.

SSP Systems team is also involved in Emerson Supported Service Functions:

  • System Tracking & Registration
  • Material Warranty & RMA
  • Foundation Support
  • On-line Support Systems
  • Technical Support
  • Rapid Response Issue Escalation & Resolution
  • Product Support Guidelines
  • Access to Emerson support resources
    • Expert Technical Support
    • Remote System Diagnosis
    • Internet Information Access
  • Service packs & hot-fixes
  • Major version upgrades
  • Lifecycle planning
  • Component replacement